Fernhurst Cricket Club I'Anson 1st XI squad

I'Anson 1st XI I'Anson 1st XI
Tristan Rissik Member profile - no photo available

Captain : Tristan Rissik

Jon Meier Member profile - no photo available

Vice Captain : Jon Meier

Josh Allen Member profile Josh Allen
Scored his maiden senior century in 2009 for Sunday XI at the age of 16.
I'Anson statistics: http://fernhurst.play-cricket.com/profile/statistics.asp?id=11219482
James Bristow Member profile James Bristow
Will arrive at the meeting point just before the match starts, usually rushing around and full of 'beans'.

I'Anson statistics: http://fernhurst.play-cricket.com/profile/statistics.asp?id=11313118
Alan Foster Member profile Alan Foster
Very competitive player in all departments.
Generously turns out occassionally on a Sunday when they are short.
I'Anson statistics: http://fernhurst.play-cricket.com/profile/statistics.asp?id=11209591
Bill Gourlay Member profile Bill Gourlay
Weekly, Bill wins the award for the best turned out player with perfect creases in his trousers.

I'Anson statistics: http://fernhurst.play-cricket.com/profile/statistics.asp?id=11057139
Ashley Holloway Member profile Ashley Holloway
Captains Player 2009 in the ianson. A good player to have around the team . Number 5 batsman & opening bowler . Highest score 98 best bowling 10-3-18-7.
Geoff  Howe Member profile Geoff Howe
A regular player for 30+ years at Fernhurst. Deep into his 60th decade he still plays and contributes to both the league and Sunday side, normally playing both days.
I'Anson statistics: http://fernhurst.play-cricket.com/profile/statistics.asp?id=11256601
Will Isaac Member profile - no photo available Will Isaac
See ball, hit ball, straight to fielder....
Nicolas Jackman Member profile - no photo available Nicolas Jackman
Top/Middle order Right handed batsman
Right arm medium pace swing bowler
James Johnson Member profile - no photo available James Johnson
Strapped in and holding on.
Ryan Lewis Member profile Ryan Lewis
Ryan has been knocking on the door as a batsman and bowler for a couple of year. A good clubman representing the younger players on the committee.
According to him, pretty much perfect.
I'Anson statistics: http://fernhurst.play-cricket.com/profile/statistics.asp?id=11263422
Steve Tytler Member profile Steve Tytler
Steve leads the club's efforts to raise money for its chosen charity, Mac Millan Cancer Care.
Gives 110% every game. Is a handsome man.
Rob Unwin Member profile Rob Unwin
Returned to cricket after 15 years in 2013, can still bowl a bit but deffinitely STILL can't bat. Needs some serious work in the nets!!
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