History of Fernhurst Cricket Club

A Short History

The earliest known record of Fernhurst Cricket Club (FCC) is from 1889 when matches against Lynchmere, Wispers and The Marshes were played.

This balance sheet is the earliest known document relating to FCC.

1890 Balance Sheet

For many years friendly matches were played, although between 1919 and 1928 an annual challenge took place for the Ashurst Cup against the Ashurst Estate. This challenge was re-introduced after the war in 1950 against the Verdley CC, made up of ICI employees who now owned Verdley House and estate.

In 1975 Fernhurst along with a number of other local clubs formed the evening Ashurst League, for which Fernhurst, who by now owned the Ashurst Cup, lent the name and cup.

In 1997 Fernhurst joined the expanding I’Anson League. Initially fielding one team then in 2000 a 2nd XI. By 2001 Fernhurst had achieved its goal of having teams in both the 1st and 3rd Divisions of the I’Anson League. However 2002 proved a difficult year due to a shortage of players so in 2003 the 2nd XI was disbanded.

Since 2004 the Sunday XI has been used to encourage new players (young and old) to try out the game, get involved, find an aspect of the game that they can be good at, be competitive and learn how to win and if it happens, to lose well.

By 2007 this policy had begun to be successful as a number of Sunday players along with a couple of new recruits started to shine and by 2009 the Saturday XI was once again competitive albeit still in the 3rd Division of the I’Anson League. 2015 and 2018 saw two promotions meaning FCC would be back in the top flight for 2019, the club's 130th anniversary.

Photos from the Past

Some photos are from way back while others are quite recent. Which are the better looking?

FCC in 1931
FCC from 1931

FCC from 1946

FCC from 1958

FCC Saturday XI - 2009

FCC Sunday XI - 2009