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History of the Ashurst Challenge Cup

The exact history fo the Ashurst Challenge Cup, commonly known as the Ashurst Cup, is not known but the memories of villagers suggest that;

  1. It was purchased in 1909 by Mr & Mrs Daniel King, owners of Ashurst Estate in Fernhurst to be presented to the winners of an annual cricket match between their staff and the village.
  2. By 1930 the cup had been donated to Fernhurst Cricket Club.
  3. After WWII Plant Protection Ltd moved into Verdley House and become a major employer, part of the village and village life. 
  4. In 1950 the first of what was to become an annual cricket match between Plant Protection Ltd (Verdley CC) and Fernhurst CC took place. This match was often played on at the Verdley ground on the annual Plant Protection Ltd Open Day where they invited the public to visit the estate and office to hear and understand what they did.
  5. By 1971 Plant Protection Ltd had become a major part of ICI an international company and the estate was less important to them, such that the Open Day was no longer held and the match for the Ashurst Cup stopped.
  6. In 1975 a small evening league competition was founded by Fernhurst and 3 other local teams. Eventually the 3 grew to 8 divided into 2 Divisions (North and South) whereby the winners of each competed in a final for the Ashurst Cup.
  7. Later the Ashurst Shield was introduced, whereby the 8 teams were involved in a knock-out competition.
  8.  In 1997 Fernhurst decided to enter the I'Anson League and left the Ashurst Cup and Shield with the Ashurst competition committee.
  9. But in 2001 Fernhurst started to hold an annual Six-a-Side Competition on the Spring Bank Holiday for the Ashurst Cup.

To date that is the history as it is known. If anyone has further information or is able to confirm any of this Fernhurst CC would welcome it. 

The Ashurst Challenge Cup

The Ashurst Challenge Cup