Fernhurst Cricket Club - Membership

Joining Fernhurst Cricket Club

Joining Fernhurst Cricket Club could not be easier.

We recommend that you register your interest by 'registering' with us through this website, just choose the Regsiter option from the menu on the left and complete the forms that follow. Your registration will be sent through to us. After 'approval' you will receive an email from the club introducing you to the team skippers.

Your registration provides us with the essential details that allow us to keep you informed of club events, team selection etc through the website and either email or text messages.

If you do not want to 'register' through the website just ring 07802 15 16 27, leave a message and we will get back to you.
Subscription and Fees

Annual Subscription  
   Social       Non-playing member      £5.00
   Adult       Playing member      £30.00
   Junior       In full time education         £30.00

Match Fee  
   Saturday £10.00
   Sunday £10.00
   Sunday if played on the Saturday    £5.00
   Junior when playing for Saturday XI    £0.00
   Junior when playing for Sunday XI  £5.00
 Visitors Teas  
   Nomad Teas £99.00
   Other Teams  £50.00